My Sayings

“We aren’t born with a right to be free; we’re born to learn how to serve one another.” December 2018

“Good is oft’ tinged with evil, and bitter follows sweet; better to take each in stride, for there is no easy street.” ~ November 23, 2017

“The Truth can’t set you free if you don’t believe it.” ~ September 2017

“If it isn’t done from God’s rest, it’s done in the flesh.” ~ August 2017

“We can choose to drink from the polluted waters of worldly wisdom and eat from the fleshpots of carnal pleasures, or from the pure streams of God’s Holy Spirit and Word.” ~ July 25, 2017

“Loss with reconciliation is bittersweet, but loss without reconciliation is just plain bitter.” June 9, 2017

“No matter what wicked plans unfold, the Almighty God is in control!”  ~ 2017

“If you hold a butterfly too tightly, you might damage its delicate wings; it’s the same with people.” ~ January 10, 2017

“When God is all you want, you’ll find that He is all you need.” ~  2015

“It’s true that ‘iron sharpens iron’ (Proverbs 27:17), but not without causing some sparks now and then!” ~ 2013

“We fume and fret; we forget who’s in charge. But if we put God first, all our needs will be met.” ~ Nov 23, 2013

“Above or below, doesn’t matter; find a quiet place beyond the chatter.” ~ 2011