The Sky I Once Knew


“The Sky I Once Knew”

I’d like to see the sky I once knew;

the one with puffy white clouds

drifting in a dome of sapphire hue,

not the strange skies of Today,

streaked with whisps of toxic spray

obscuring the Sun’s glory behind a veil.

‘Land of the free and home of the brave’

is a dream that’s fast fading away.

Voices of dissent have been quelled,

protests and marches – what are they?chemtrails in Lowell MA

Whistle blowers forced into exile or killed,

what ruthless men do is hidden from view

while the masses haven’t a clue.

I long to live where planes are few,

  and skies are naturally bright blue, 

not hazy, overcast, or streaked –

a place where I’m not afraid to breathe;

where the air is free from chemtrail spew.

© August 19, 2015

All Rights Reserved