Two Women; One Pure, One Defiled


innocent young girl with long brown hairI was standing in the doorway looking into a classroom full of young students, all female. A teacher was standing in front of the class speaking but I didn’t hear what he was saying. As I looked around the room, every girl in the class had shorn, or short hair, of varying lengths except for one who had very long straight brown hair standing with her back to me, hands on her hips. I had long silver hair like I do in real life, and was standing with both of my hands on my hips too. I was feeling a good kind of pride, satisfaction, or sense of accomplishment in her because she stood out from the rest, daring to be different. I was thinking “Way to go girl, good for you!” Then I turned around and left.

Next I saw a battle scene taking place on earth, not in heaven, between angelic hosts and people. It was a very large throng. I heard loud voices and shouts, scuffling, and clanging of weapons. As I watched, a beautiful, young, yet fully mature woman, walked right into the fray. I wondered what she was doing there. She had a full figure, especially from the waist down, very long shiny black hair which hung straight down her back, and a beautiful face. Next, I saw a man of ‘dark countenance,’ cunning and sly, enter the scene. He approached the woman, grabbed her arms and tried to kiss her. She resisted at first and kept turning her head from side to side to avoid his kiss. But he overpowered her and pulled her down to the ground. I kept thinking “Yell! Cry out for help!” But when I realized, as did she, that in all the noise around her, no one would hear her cries, I felt very sorrowful for her. I sensed the man’s lustful thoughts towards her; her skin was so soft and he wanted her badly. Though he was bent over her, I could still see her face and heard her plead with him to “not hurt her and to let her have a good first experience.” I knew then that she was a ‘virgin.’ I also knew what she was feeling and thinking, “Since no one will hear my cries in all this clamor, I might as well give myself to him rather than be raped.” Although I didn’t see it, I knew that she gave herself to him. 

In the next scene, I saw a young woman inside a house with an older woman who was her mother. She was the same young woman I had seen earlier, only now she had shorn hair (her long, dark, hair had been cut to a length just below her ears all around), and dyed an ugly blond color, the color of ‘straw.’ I could tell she had been crying quite heavily as her face was red where she had wiped away tears, a few of which were still visible. She looked very sad. Her mother said, “You look terrible, did you give yourself to him?” The daughter answered, “Yes.” Then the mother reached out, took her daughter into her arms and held her saying, “I love you anyway.” ~ Debra 


classroom = wherever the church receives teaching and training
the teacher = a pastor or teacher of the Word; includes prophets and apostles who also teach and preach the Word
long, brown-haired young lady standing with her hands on her hips = a Virgin; a pure church, undefiled with “women” (harlot/Apostate churches), totally devoted to her Head Jesus Christ – Eph 5:23
hands on hips = defiance of dark forces, false teachers/preachers, false & heretical teachings infiltrating the Church of Christ in these Last Days. May also indicate self-confidence and assertiveness. 
the other girls in the classroom = the Multitude of apostate believers who are deceived and have succumbed to false doctrines, 2 Tim 4:3. They sit ‘motionless’ and ‘submissive’ to a false teacher and have “fallen away” from the pure, undiluted faith handed down to the early church by the first Apostles. These have ‘shamed’ themselves (smbolized by their short/shorn hair) by giving themselves to “another” – the Deceiver. These have become a Harlot by committing “spiritual fornication,” betraying their Master and Savior Jesus Christ.
standing in the doorway of the classroom, watching = an assignment, a watch, a post
standing = indicates readiness (for action, to act); also firm footing
watching = is both a position and a commission; a ‘watcher’ or watchman, (Ezek 33:7, Isa 21:6, 2 Ki 9:17) is someone who watches for the Enemy’s attacks and warns others of his intentions and plans. It is also a command for every Believer, “watch and pray…” Luke 21:36, Mt 26:41, Mark 13:33
battle between angelic hosts and humans on earth = these forces have been battling since the first rebellion (Lucifer and angels against YHWH), but the battle will intensify as the End of the Age draws near. The dark angelic forces are behind false teachers/doctrines, who draw men away from the Truth. Their desire is to seduce and overpower men; take them captive
a woman = a church, Isa 54:6
a virgin = a pure church, fully devoted to Jesus Christ; undefiled by women (harlot or apostate churches), 2 Cor 11:2. She ”will not follow another” (an imposter or a harlot, John 10:5; Eph 4:14) but “follows the Lamb where ever He goes” Rev 14:4.
young yet mature woman with long, black hair = a church who is fully grown (not a child) yet a virgin who hasn’t given herself to anyone
long hair = a woman’s natural glory, 1 Cor 11:15
man of “dark countenance” = a deceiver, false teacher; sly, cunning & lustful
young mature woman with shorn hair (someone cut it) = a virgin who was seduced into fornication
shorn or short hair = shame / spiritual fornication – “it’s a shame for a woman to have shorn hair” 1 Cor. 11:6.
spiritual fornication = giving one’s self to false doctrines/teachings, false religious spirits and demons; “falling away” from the true faith of Jesus Christ, betraying one’s Master & Savior. The Bible tells us there will be a falling away from the faith in the Last Days, 2 Thess 2:3.
mother of the dark-haired woman = the Holy Spirit? or the false church, the “Mother of Harlots?” Rev 17:5


The young black-haired woman was a virgin who ended up giving away her glory (Who is Christ) to another (the man of dark countenance; a deceiver) by turning to false doctrines & teachers, mixing pure religion with paganism, and by giving Her allegiance to the State. By committing ‘spiritual fornication’ in these various ways, She betrays her Master and Savior Jesus Christ, and becomes a Harlot – a church who apostasizes from the true faith. In so doing She relinquishes her crown and spiritual authority and becomes a Woman of scorn symbolized by her ‘shorn’ head or short hair. Long hair was given to women as a natural covering for their heads, which the Bible states is their ‘glory.’ 1 Cor 11:15

There was but ONE young virgin among the other young females in the classroom, who had long brown hair, the rest all had short hair. I believe She represents the true church of Jesus Christ, the Virgin who will not give herself to another, but remains faithful to her master and savior to the end, despite deprivation, persecution, and even death. Her glory (symbolized by her long hair) is her Virginity or Pure faith and total devotion to Jesus Christ. She won’t give Herself to false teachers, false religion, and false doctrine, but adheres only to pure, unadulterated, undiluted, doctrine found in God’s Word. She “follows the Lamb where ever He goes” (Rev 14:4). Later in the dream when the woman with long black hair who committed spiritual fornication realizes what she’s done, she regrets it, and in much sorrow returns to her mother’s house where she is welcomed and comforted with loving gestures and words. I can’t imagine the Holy Spirit loving and welcoming a total Apostate (Heb 6:6), so either this woman isn’t a total apostate and returns to Christ (repents of her spiritual fornication), or else her mother represents someone else, like the Mother of Harlots perhaps?

© October 26, 2014