Spitting In My Pretty Muslim Shoes!


On Sept. 1, 2014, I dreamed I was in a place (mosque?) with many non-distinguishable people. For some reason I removed my shoes which sort of looked like moccasins, and got up from where I was sitting to go someplace, have a feeling it was the restroom. I turned around and saw the young woman who had been silently sitting next to me, take one of my shoes and ‘spit’ into it saying “You filthy pig!” Feeling shocked and outraged, I rushed back to where I had been sitting and asked her “Why did you do this to me? After all the kindnesses I have shown you? You should be ashamed! After all the kindnesses I have shown you?!! Shame on you!!” Odd thing is she didn’t look like anyone I knew. At my rebuke, she seemed embarrassed and ashamed, trying to hide her face from me as she ran away. While her head and shoulders were covered with a black head covering or veil, her face was fully visible. The moccasin-like shoes I was wearing looked foreign to me, like what someone in the Middle East would wear. They were brightly colored (red, yellow, & purple I think) and had pointy toes which curved upward a little.

The multi-colored shoes I wore in the dream were Arabic, although there are other Islamic countries with similar looking shoes. traditional Moroccon slippersSymbolic Meaning of the Colors of the Shoes: Red – Wisdom, anointing, & power; Negative – anger, war Yellow – hope, mind; Negative – fear, cowards, intellectual pride  Purple – authority, royalty; Negative – false authority

I don’t recall what else I wore, but the young woman who spat in my shoe, wore a black Islamic head covering (not a Burka) which covered her head and her body. Black – death, mystery; Negative – sin, darkness. Wearing of cultural clothing can mean a call to another country or intercession for a particular country or ethnic group. The Muslim shoes I was wearing could mean that I am to intercede for Muslims and/or Saudi Arabia, or that maybe I have a call to take the Gospel to them. I doubt I could physically go, but I could support those who are ministering to Muslims and/or to persecuted Christians in Muslim regions. In the Bible, taking off of one’s shoes is a gesture of respect for the Holy Presence of YHWH – Exodus 3:5. Middle Eastern people don’t wear shoes in Mosques, prayer halls, etc. [http://wiki.answers.com/Q / What_ is_ the_ shoe_hall _in_a_gurdwara] Was I showing respect by removing mine? I removed them before going to the bathroom. Bathroom – place of cleansing, spiritual toxins removed. Was I going to get cleansed of some spiritual toxins like ATTITUDES of FEAR and hatred? We always hate what we fear, albeit fearing Muslim terrorists is a reasonable response considering their violence! During this time, I had been reading about violent crimes being committed by Muslims in various places, which caused me grave concern, even fear of the same thing happening in America.

Spitting isn’t allowed in the streets of Muslim countries, and showing the sole of a shoe to anyone, especially dignitaries, is an insult. The Muslim woman showed disrespect by spitting into my shoe and insulted me by calling me a pig. Pig – Ignorance, hypocrisy, religious unbelievers, unclean people, selfish, gluttonous, vicious, vengeful.

Muslims, typically think of Jews and Christians as ‘filthy pigs,’ and are known to refer to them as such. Muslims feign respect for other religions and cultures, but behind your back, they exhibit a different attitude. Although the young Muslim woman was quiet and appeared mild mannered, she showed her true feelings towards me when she thought I couldn’t see or hear her. This is exactly how Muslims treat infidels (non-Muslims). Muslims demand to be respected by the world but don’t hesitate to ridicule other religions. They pretend to have a peaceful religion (Islam) while hating, torturing, and killing non-Muslims. Unsure what it means that she was ashamed afterwards; maybe some will be ashamed of how they treated Christians and Jews? The Holy Bible prophesies that YHWH will bring them to shame and totally destroy Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, it’s prophesied in the Koran that these two Muslim cities will be destroyed by Muslims, who will then occupy Jerusalem for a short season [Source: God’s War on Terror, Islam, Prophecy and the Bible by Walid Shoebat/pgs. 405-408 and Revelation 17:16-18]

Debra Stout © September 1, 2014 All Rights Reserved.


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