It Has Begun!

Dream of August 12, 2013rescue helicopter

I was outdoors somewhere with several young children when I heard a helicopter hovering overhead. I felt it was there to harm us so I sought shelter from it for the children and myself. I saw a building nearby which had natural wood siding that looked rather new not weather worn, and kind of like a large shed. On its door was a big gray metal lock. I had a set of keys in my hand through which I anxiously searched for one that would open the door. The first key didn’t fit, but the second one did. I wondered at that. Once inside, the children and I walked quickly past a room full of executive looking people who I could see through a window in the door which was shut. We continued to walk down a corridor at the end of which was a desk with several people sitting behind it. There were chairs in front of the desk. I told the children to sit down and stay there; feeling they were safe, I left them.

Next I found myself in the midst of a large crowd inside what looked like a very large airport hanger, factory, auditorium or arena. Suddenly an announcement was loudly proclaimed; the content of which I didn’t hear or don’t recall for some reason, yet knew it had been given. Upon hearing it, the crowd broke out in panic and pandemonium with people running hysterically in every direction (trying to escape?) as what looked like soldiers, guards, or police, entered the building. They held large automatic rifles with which they controlled and detained the crowd. Immediately I thought, “IT HAS BEGUN!” With that realization I felt afraid, but within I heard a still, small, voice say, “Just stay calm, you knew this was going to happen, don’t let fear overtake you” and that calmed me.

Many who had been detained appeared to be naked. Most didn’t seem to notice their nakedness, or maybe they didn’t care that others could see it. They wandered about in a daze as if in shock. Part of a scripture came to my mind, Dan 12:10 “none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.” (Whoever knows the real Christ will understand what’s happening and won’t be deceived by the cunning words of false religious and civic leaders who’ll lead a frightened world to follow the “false Christ” and the “false prophet” into Apostasy and eternal damnation. One’s eternal state depends upon knowing the true Christ and following Him; not false prophets and false religious leaders. Seek Him now while there’s still time to get your heart and life right before the final curtain falls – the End of the Age and Judgment.)

As I wandered through the crowd I saw a guard standing near me who turned and handed me a tiny camera (about 2-3 inches in size, if that, with two pinpoint size buttons which I had to press with both thumbs in order to take a picture) and said, “Here, make yourself useful in your assignment.” I answered, “Yes, thank you sir” then took the camera and began taking photos of the scene in every direction, pointing it at one section then another. My movements were mechanical as I felt restrained by the presence of the guards who stood around watching everyone.

The photos I had taken were of the better parts of this horror scene. I sensed the officer or guard wanted them as propaganda to fool the public into believing that this place wasn’t as bad as it really was. Next I saw a pool of decomposing human heads without bodies, floating around in some kind of liquid. Most were bare skulls, but a few of them still had some flesh on them – their eyes and mouths moved! Some weren’t completely dead. I saw a couple of them attempting to survive. One was gnawing on what I think may have been a piece of rotting flesh. Alongside the pool of large skulls, was a pool of smaller skulls, which may have been either children or small animals. One of those skulls (partially clothed with flesh) was trying to suck into its mouth what looked like an old piece of bread floating on the surface of the soupy liquid. I stood there staring at the revolting, disgusting scene. My sense was that these people must have been starved to death. I wished I still had the camera, regretting that I couldn’t take a picture of it so the public could see what was really happening.

Among the crowd I saw a woman who was different from the others. She looked at me and said something nice by which I knew she was a kind soul, so when I saw her walking away, I determined to follow her as closely as possible. Because the guards or soldiers were watching everyone, I followed her at a distance so I wouldn’t be noticed.

The dream either ended there or I woke up. Before I went to sleep, I had been praying for God to wake some people up (mainly my loved ones), to open their eyes to reality; to the truth of who they are and how they’re living in rebellion against God and the truth.

© August 12, 2013 All Rights Reserved.

UPDATE – I believe that the “announcement” might be that Marshall law has to be implemented due to some national emergency. Due to the chaos and panic it would cause, people would give little resistance to ‘Marshall law’ being installed to maintain order. Listen to these thought-provoking videos for possible scenarios  In 2013, Marshall law began on a small scale  in a few American cities where civilian’s rights were suspended temporarily in Boston, MA when armed national guards stormed parts of the city, making law-abiding citizens leave their homes at gunpoint in search of two college students who supposedly bombed the Boston Marathon. Many bystanders were badly injured and one or more died from the blasts. The U.S. Constitution protects American citizens from illegal searches of one’s person and property unless authorities have a warrant to do so. But under Marshall law, rights protected under the Constitution are suspended. Therefore, in 2013, Marshall law was indeed enacted in areas of Boston Massachusetts where its citizens seemed unaware what was really happening to them! The forced eviction of people from their homes at gunpoint by armed guards was televised, it was like the authorities wanted to test people to see if they would protest or comply. They got their answer – I watched in amazement as armed guards forced people from their homes at gunpoint and not one of them protested or ask why! The people easily complied; no protest, no quoting of their Constitutional rights, no resistance whatsoever. Like sheeple to the slaughter they just went along with the frightening display of Totalitarian rule, buying the excuse given to them that such a show of power was needed to hunt down two college students on the run! The event was in part a training op for the guards, in part a test to see how Americans would react, and in part a preconditioning of Americans to accept and comply with Marshall law whenever authorities decide to enact it. And have you never questioned whether police have the right to hold your children prisoner inside schools, in hot crowded rooms, for hours on end for the reason (they say) to make sure they’re safe from a shooter? Couldn’t the police safely usher school kids out of the building with those huge shields they carry? Of course, this is all done in the interest of SAFETY, so they say. And yes, it is a dangerous, crazy world but I question whether school children are REALLY safer being held hostage in crowded, hot school rooms for many hours without food, water, and their PARENTS permission! Aren’t the rights of parents and children to “move about freely” [1] being violated by these lock downs? Does anyone else out there question the Constitutionality of “lock downs?” Do the police have the legal right to hold your children against their will (they’re not given a choice in the matter) for as long as they want, in a school or anywhere else? 

Other possible interpretations of the dream – the Tribulation began in 2013, but if true, the end would be 2020. Those in the dream walking about dazed reminds me of what happens to people after suffering a major shock. Rotting corpses could be indicative of people starving for physical food, or perhaps for spiritual food which they’re unable to find. In the last days there will be a famine of the words of God AND of physical food as well – Amos. 8:11 

Jesus warns us in the bible to stay alert and pay attention to the signs of the times.